• The Hon. Reza Moridi, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, has announced a $27-million contribution to OCAD University to revitalize the McCaul Street campus.

    This remarkable contribution to Ignite Imagination: The Campaign for OCAD University will help to fund the Creative City Campus project — enhancing and increasing space within the existing campus footprint on McCaul Street and empowering the creative core of our institution.

    The Creative City Campus project will upgrade learning and teaching technology, intensify research capacity and nurture innovation-minded thinkers and makers. With seven key

    components, its renovations and additions will improve the student experience by modernizing spaces and campus functionality, increasing experiential learning opportunities and responding to the evolution of individual programs. The project involves the renewal and expansion of 149,700 square feet, adding 55,000 square feet of new space and making upgrades to 94,700 square feet of existing space on the campus.

    Support of the project through Ignite Imagination — together with the great generosity of our donors and friends — also means that we have now reached 116 per cent of our $60-million fundraising goal.

  • From cultivating the Group of Seven to becoming the engine behind Canada’s advertising and design industries, OCAD University has PRODUCED and EMPLOYED this country’s most imaginative thinkers and makers, with reach into the global art and design worlds.
    We are the largest and most comprehensive art, design and new media university in Canada. As INNOVATORS of culture and industry since 1876, we are also the oldest. Central to our constant evolution is the belief that education and cultural institutions must look outward, nurturing ideas that take root in the world. Our mandate is not simply to IMAGINE the future, but to help CREATE it.
  • With your help, we will continue to ADVANCE culture and the arts while also advancing economic growth and social equity. Because what we started as a small art college is now an urban university POWERHOUSE of creative thinking and production, integrating art, design, digital and indigenous knowledge, with 16 undergraduate and six graduate degree programs, a business incubator, 19 labs and dozens of world-class research programs.
    OCAD University delivers STUDIO-BASED LEARNING and facilitates practice-based research in all traditional and emerging art and design disciplines. Undergraduate and graduate offerings include painting and photography; graphic and industrial design. They integrate processes such as fabrication in all its forms—from bronze-casting to wood and loom work—data visualization, rapid proto-typing and design thinking. Digital media is ubiquitous; industry and gallery partnerships, plentiful. Our students learn to THINK and INVENT as research assistants and gain workplace experience as interns. Through international mobility programs, they shape and are shaped by global trends in art and design.
  • With the recent rise of the creative economy, the explosion of digital media and the incredible challenges and opportunities facing contemporary society, imagination is recognized globally as more than a want but a need.
    Our graduates strive to be both the CATALYST and means by which vision becomes ACTION. Combine this results-oriented approach with boldness, rigour and a disciplined imagination, and you’ve got precisely what our new era of innovation demands: creative professionals who work FEARLESSLY for change.
  • Recently, Forbes identified creative thinking and problem solving as the top two on a list of 10 skills that will get young grads hired. A study by Adobe found that nine out of 10 professionals agree: these skills are required for economic growth. It’s no wonder then that in a new survey of OCAD University alumni, a 92% EMPLOYMENT rate was reported, with respondents identifying the most useful skills they acquired, while at OCAD University, as creative thinking and problem solving.
    Whether by delivering a product or artwork to market or inventing a process that betters the world, 80% of our alumni have NURTURED their own business at some point in their careers. Your contribution thus has the potential to SPARK new and sustainable growth. Because in the future as they do today, our graduates will research, prototype and produce the images and experiences that inspire, the devices that make life better, the systems and technologies that fix a burdened healthcare sector, the design processes that accelerate business or advance manufacturing, the approaches that foster equity and inclusion in our communities, and the tools that are essential to harnessing big data and the internet of things.
President Sara Diamond

Message from the President

Dr. Sara Diamond, ORD. Ontario: RCA, is the President and Vice-Chancellor of OCAD University, Canada’s university of the imagination.

She holds a PhD in Computing, Information Technology and Engineering from the University of East London.

Central to our constant evolution is the belief that creativity serves a vital function in society – that imaginations have the unique power to develop real-world solutions to improve and transform lives. As the next stage in our institution’s long and storied history, Ignite Imagination: The Campaign for OCAD University launched publicly in 2015 with a $60M goal and a vision of art, design and digital media education and research as transformative. With Ignite Imagination we are looking to the future, to putting imagination to work in ways that will ensure that the benefits of art, design and digital media are far-reaching. We are also working to ensure that OCAD University students and faculty continue to have the ability to leverage the power of art, design and digital innovation to change the world for the better.