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Announcing Young-Mi Won as the recipient of the Slate Asset Management 2023 Career Launcher!

Image of painting by Youngmi Won.



We're excited to announce Young-Mi Won and Rashvena Khosa as the recipients of the Slate Asset Management 2023 Career Launcher.

Young-Mi's work is now on display in the lobby of 2 St. Clair West in the Yonge St. + St. Clair Avenue West community. Prior to Young-Mi's installation, Rashvena's work was on display from August 2023-January 2024. 

Youngmi Won is a Korean Canadian interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Toronto. She recently completed her BFA in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Art History at OCAD University. Her practice focuses on navigating the collaborative and innovative possibilities between analogue and digital techniques through photography, painting, and video installation. Embracing escapism, she composes the dreamlike yet equivocal space where illusion and daily life coexist as an imaginary resistance to the unsettling, ephemeral world in which we live.  

Instagram: @studio_youngwon 

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