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Announcing Sar Wagman as the recipient of the InterAccess Studio Assistant Career Launcher!

Pink and green background with image of Sar Wagman in the center.

OCAD University’s RBC Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers and InterAccess are excited to announce Sar Wagman as the recipient of the InterAccess Studio Assistant Career Launcher!

Sar is a Toronto-based artist and community arts worker who works in cross-disciplinary media and is driven by a passion for art, sustainability, and inclusion. Sar holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in Life Studies where Sar focused on nature, anatomy,  technology, biology, ecology and sustainability. Largely inspired by their disabled, lesbian, and Jewish-Indian Trinidadian identity, Sar challenges viewers to consider how life intertwines with nature, and how socio-political disability intersects with their daily existence. Sar's works seek to bring light to the experiences of those whose narratives remain unacknowledged in the mainstream.

Instagram: @sarwagman

InterAccess manages an 800 sq ft production studio that provides artists working in new media practices access to specialized equipment, tools, and space to work on their independent creative projects. The production studio also hosts technician led equipment training sessions, workshops, and social events for the wider community. The production studio is organized into six workstations – bio-art, electronics, digital fabrication, manual fabrication, computation, extended reality – and InterAccess regularly upgrades its equipment and material holdings based on requests and feedback from artists and community members who use the studio.


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