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Announcing Lea Ovčina and Susan Wood as the recipients of the 2024 Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op Residency Career Launcher!

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OCAD University’s RBC Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers is excited to announce Lea Ovčina and Susan Wood as the recipients for the Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op Residency Career Launcher!


Lea Ovčina

Lea Ovčina (she/her) is an artist with a focus on printmaking and textile design in her practice, commonly with her work in one medium informing or flowing into the other. Her multidisciplinary practice covers processes such as screen and relief printed surface design, crochet, sewing and exploring garment design. The ideas and concepts in her art are primarily informed by the natural world and the themes of memory and various manifestations of identity, both internally and what we surround our selves with.




Susan Wood

Susan Wood is a multidisciplinary artist based in Aurora, Ontario. She earned her Bachelor of FineArt in the Drawing and Painting Program at OCAD University in 2024. Her practice encompasses textile art, drawing, painting, and material exploration. She also holds an MSW and Honours BA inPsychology. In her years as a professional social worker, the many children and families that shared their personal stories with her has profoundly influenced her art as she explores themes of memory, experience, transformation, healing and renewal. 

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