OCAD University is committed to ensuring that students with financial need will have enough funding to meet the direct educational costs (tuition, books and other mandatory fees) of attending university. Education costs will be met by a variety of sources including OSAP, bursaries, scholarships, awards and opportunities to work on campus.

There are various bursary programs available to OCAD U students generated through government, donations, endowments, tuition revenue or external agencies.

OCAD U has launched a new online bursary application system.  Students can access AwardSpring through the myocadu.ca portal.

The deadline to apply for bursaries is: October 31, 2019

Bursaries are non-repayable awards given primarily on the basis of financial need. Please be aware that bursary awards may be taxable. You will be issued a T4A slip by the Finance Office in February for all scholarship, bursary or award funds issued by the university in the prior tax year. It is your responsibility to check with Canada Revenue Agency and report all scholarships, awards and bursaries received in the tax year as per their guidelines. 

Bursaries are intended to supplement, not replace, other sources of funding that students may have for their studies. Bursaries can range in value depending on the amount of funds available, number of students who apply, and the students' financial need. Students may apply for and receive bursaries through more than one program, and students are encouraged to apply to all bursary programs for which they are eligible. Funds are limited through all bursary programs, so not all students will receive a bursary through each and every program to which they apply.

Common criteria for bursary decisions have been developed by the Financial Aid & Awards office so that applications will receive comparable consideration. Although other factors may be considered, the deciding factor is financial need. All decisions regarding applications (unless specified otherwise) are made by the Financial Aid & Awards office. All applicants will receive an email advising them of the results of their application whether successful or unsuccessful.

Receiving a bursary

If you receive a bursary, there are requirements that must be met. Students who withdraw to part-time studies, fully withdraw from the university or don't pick up their bursary by the recommended deadline will risk the possibility of losing a portion of all of their award.

Emergency Bursary Program

Emergency bursaries are intended to provide short-term assistance to students experiencing financial difficulties beyond their control.  Students are expected to have accessed their Provincial student loan/grant program first before seeking assistance through this program. These bursaries are not meant to assist students on an ongoing basis.  These are one-time emergency solutions.

2019/20 Emergency Bursary Application Form

Students interested in learning more about applying for bursaries:

Financial Aid & Awards Office
230 Richmond Street W., Level 5
416-977-6000 x250

Donors interested in making a gift? Please contact:

Sandra Janzen
Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
416-977-6000 x459

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