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Response to antisemitic poster on campus

A hateful, antisemitic poster was discovered recently outside the main entrance of 100 McCaul Street. The poster was immediately removed by Safety and Security as soon as it was reported and has been reported to Toronto Police.


OCAD University is cooperating with the Toronto Police investigation.


Discrimination in all forms is completely against the values of OCAD University. We are committed to maintaining an environment that is free from hate, discrimination and violence, and discouraging any celebrations of violence. Unlawful threats and harassment will not be tolerated.


OCAD University Safety and Security assesses complaints about posters and will remove any posters that violate the University’s postering policy.


As always, the OCAD U community is reminded to report any signs of violent or threatening behavior to OCAD U Safety, Security & Campus Operations: 


In an emergency:  
If you are on campus and you—or anyone else—is at immediate risk of harm: 

  • Contact 9-1-1 and OCAD U Safety & Security at 416-977-6000, ext. 511  
  • Pick up any courtesy phone or intercom to be connected 


Non-emergency: 416-977-6000, ext. 366.