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Announcing Shannon Sandwell and Meera Dinh as the recipients for the 2024 Akin Studios Career Launcher!

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OCAD University’s RBC Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers is excited to announce Shannon Sandwell and Meera Dinh as the recipients of the 2024 Akin Studios Career Launcher!

Shannon Sandwell is a Toronto-based figurative painter, whose work focuses on community and connection. Graduating from OCADU this year with a BFA in Drawing and painting, their work has already been shown at the Etobicoke Civic Center and been featured in the Toronto Star. Working on large-scale acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings, their work pieces together connections that might otherwise be missed.
Instagram: @shannonsandwell

Meera Dinh is a Vietnamese artist based in Toronto who specializes in oil painting. Through the use of erotic and personal symbols, she explores the liminality between the conscious and unconscious mind and weaves her own narrative of introspection. She invites viewers to her most intimate space, where she lays bare raw vulnerability and ruminates on the inherent absurdity in life. Meera is an emerging artist acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Drawing and Painting Program from OCAD University.

Instagram: @m.sarts


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