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Students participate in Orientation Days for OCAD University's class of 2017.


Information and resources for OCAD U students

Students participate in Orientation Days for OCAD University's class of 2017.

Bulletin Board

Important Notices!


2017 Winter Final Exam Schedule

First Aid Room

The First Aid Room, located in Room 100 at 100 McCaul Street, will be used for all emergency and non-emergency related first aid and medical incidents. Please note, the First Aid Room will not be available for general access and therefore, continue to report all First Aid and/or Medical related matters to the Security Control Desk Operator (main lobby at 100 McCaul) for assistance, by dialing extension 511. 

Did you know that as a student, you are eligible for a discount on GO Transit?

Visit the GO Transit Student ID website and fill out an online application request form for a GO Transit Student ID. Eligibility is restricted to undergraduate or graduate students enrolled for seven months or more, and registered in a full-time course/program. Be sure to have your GO Student ID + PRESTO Card available when travelling on the GO Transit system while using a student fare – don’t get caught without it during a ticket check!

To learn more about student fares, please visit the GO Transit Ticket Types or GOing to school pages.

Need to load your student copy/print account?

Tickets/vouchers and copy/print credits are available at the Campus Bookstore at 51 McCaul Street. 

Important Dates and Deadlines

Keep up to date – visit Dates and Deadlines.

Course equivalency reminder for all returning students

Looking for new course codes? Check the lists for 2014 to 2015 course code equivalencies, or the 2014/2015 program requirements and new course codes. If you cannot find the equivalent course code for a required course, please email

Check your student email on your mobile device

If you have trouble logging in to your account on your mobile device, change your password and try again.

Experiencing registration issues?

Try using a different browser like Internet Explorer (recommended). For students using Chrome – remember to clear your cache frequently.

Need a refresher on course registration? For help, see How Do I Plan, Schedule and Register for Courses? (PDF).