Program Guides

Program Guides list the course requirements that you need to fulfill in order to complete your degree or certificate. Use the guide for your ‘Catalog’ year, which is the year you were admitted to your program or certificate.

To find your ‘Catalog’ year in, select My OCAD U Records, click on Student Planning and then My Progress; your ‘Catalog’ year is listed under At a Glance. If you have declared a minor, click on Show Program Notes to see your ‘Minor Catalog’ year.

  • If your ‘Catalog’ year is 2013 or later: select your Program Type, ‘Catalog’ year and your Program Name, then download your program guide.
  • If your ‘Catalog’ year is earlier than 2013: access the Archived Course Calendars for your ‘Catalog’ year. If you were sent an Assessment of Graduation Requirements by the Office of the Registrar, you should follow that assessment instead of a program guide.