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Special-interest student groups allow interaction among students, support faith and culture, and create an atmosphere of diversity while encouraging self-development, social responsibility and environmental awareness.

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Student groups 2019/2020

Updated: May 13, 2019
Registered/renewed for summer 2019 and fall/winter 2019/2020:


A group of motivated faculty members and students aimed towards enhancing environments through the experimentation with urban agriculture. We strive to expand on innate affinities with nature and to strengthen OCADU's community while doing so. Meetings, workshops, talks and projects are held with the goal to connect people, share knowledge and offer learning opportunities and growth.

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OCAD A Capella is a group for those with vocal talent, who enjoy singing and would like to perform as part of a talented ensemble. We practice and perform without instrumental accompaniments, allowing us to focus on harmony and vocal creativity. Come and be part of this unique group of singers. You’ll have lots of fun, connect with students with similar passion, develop your vocal skills and be inspired by the groups’ collective progress! 



OCAD U Life Painting is a group, within the OCAD University community, focused on the betterment of students, through the development of their ability to observe and paint from life. While providing a safe space to practice observational painting skills, we also provide a sense of community within OCAD U for those who see its value. 



OCAD MCCF club is a weekly gathering that will run throughout the school year. The club targets the growing population of Mandarin speakers on the campus who show an interest in Christianity. The weekly gathering contains fun activities that encourage participants to create bonds among each other and with God, such as worship/game section, bible study, movie night, as well as occasional potluck events.

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The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a Muslim community within OCAD University that is run by students. The MSA assists and represents Muslim students in several matters, and works with the Administration, and Campus Security to ensure a safe environment for Muslim students on campus, as well as a maintained safe, peaceful space for prayer. All events are open to Muslim and non-Muslim students, faculty and staff. 

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Student groups 2018/2019

Status of groups below expired April 30, 2019:


(Formerly ART & SOCIAL CHANGE STUDENT COMMITTEE) Artivism OCAD U is a group of OCAD U students and alumni whose goal is to unify social justice and its integration into artistic practice. We put into the forefront urgent matters affecting the student body, staff and faculty on campus. Some of these issues include (but are not limited to) environmental justice, sexual violence, student poverty and housing, combating racism, as well as decolonizing the curriculum. Through various student-led initiatives, we aim to raise awareness of equity and accessibility issues, and build a strong social justice community on campus. Email:


This OCAD Magazine focuses on discussing issues within the OCAD community. We aim to find creative solutions to management issues and the lack of social communication.

Our magazine "Chiaroscuro" is a platform to facilitate open discussions between students, staff and management. The name "Chiaroscuro" shows our commitment to value opinions on all sides, even if they are polar opposites or 'light and dark'.

As well as discussing the issues of our school, we will also display creative works of some of the students by displaying photography and fashion pieces throughout the publication. Email: 


The Feminist Alliance for Choice (FAC) is a student-led group, focusing on health and social issues on campus. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff in response to the presence of harmful anti-choice groups. The FAC is committed to keeping any counter-protest actions peaceful, minimizing contact between these groups and students who do not wish to engage with them. We provide early warnings to people on campus and offer support for those impacted by the graphic images and damaging messages these groups bring. FAC is also dedicated to providing accurate information on sexual health to those who may be confused by the misinformation spread by anti-choice groups. Outside of these actions, we host sign-painting potlucks where we can provide a safe space for students to express themselves and receive peer support. Email:


OCAD University’s newly renovated Foundry is a fully equipped metal casting facility for bronze and aluminum. The Foundry Club exists to allow students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to share ideas, explore techniques, casting processes, and examine various casting materials. Club members will have access to the Foundry for metal casting projects, both individually and/or group projects. Foundry Club plans to meet on a bi-weekly basis, developing project plans, goals and activities; learning and innovation can happen through collaboration!  Email:


GAMA (Gaming, Anime and Manga Association is comprised of like-minded individuals with an interest in the culture surrounding video games, Japanese anime and manga. The group meets weekly to discuss these interests, and holds events in support of an annual trip to Anime North or other related events. Email: / Facebook:


Genesis is a Korean Christian group affiliated with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Toronto, which exists to become a bridge that connects spiritually and artistic practice within the context of Jesus Christ's teaching. Through spiritual and practical activities, such as daily meditation, summer short-term mission, presentations and exhibitions, believers at OCAD U are encouraged to rise up for the truth and express it with passion. All welcome. Email:


Ignitograph is the group for emerging photography students. Through a variety of projects and workshops, you can spread your wings, learn how to expand your perspective of the world, and connect and communicate with other artists through the stories of image. Let’s work together to build the bridge toward our dreams! Email:


The Indigenous Student Association (ISA) is a self-governing collective of Indigenous students at OCAD University (OCAD U) who organize to nurture community and to support each other. We run community events and activities, and are the main student group dedicated to bettering Indigenous students’ experiences at OCAD U; autonomous from the Indigenous Visual Culture Program, the Indigenous Student Centre, and the Student Union. Our goals year to year may change, but we remain grounded in our dedication to community and safer spaces for Indigenous students to learn, create and thrive. Email: / Facebook: / Instagram:


We want to share love and support the larger OCAD U community as well as the city by fostering a caring community through our actions and events. We hope to welcome and create safe spaces for people to engage and grow in their faith. We also want to encourage others to learn and grow to use their skills and talents to serve the larger community. Email: Facebook:


The Journal of Visual & Critical Studies (JVCS) collects and celebrates some of the best undergraduate academic writing at OCAD University. Comprising critical essays, exhibition reviews, artist portfolios, creative non-fiction, and thesis abstracts from students across all disciplines, this annual publication reflects the unique approaches to art history and visual culture that are being undertaken here. We value and emphasize interdisciplinary research methods and modes of thinking to provide diverse perspectives. The JVCS welcomes new editorial committee members every year, offering students the opportunity to help sustain the publication through peer-to-peer education about the publishing process. Email:


LAASA fosters a community hub for latinx students on campus, and provides a platform for the broader OCAD U community to interact and learn about Latin American culture through collaboration: food and music, workshops, guest speakers, exhibitions, publications and more. Email:


Link Magazine is an online, student-run magazine, written, produced and edited for OCAD U students. Its aim is to give insight related to art, design and new urban trends, with all articles written in both Korean and English. All students are welcome to join the club! Email:


O.concept facilitates the study of conceptual thinking for an interdisciplinary network of artists and designers. Our line of inquiry leads us to ask, where is concept in the exploration of physical matters? Furthermore, where is concept in the evolving world of digital and virtual media? Pragmatically, O.concept acts as a platform for community discussion focused on conceptual experimentation in physical scale modelling and digital visualization of built environments and objects. Email:


The OCAD Chinese Student Association (OCSA) is a Chinese-student based organization dedicated towards improving cultural awareness on campus, providing academic information and support for students coming from a common background. OCSA also strives to promote culture through innovative and educational activities while developing leadership and fostering friendship within the association and other OCAD U student communities. Email:


OCAD Chinese Students & Scholars Association (OCAD CSSA) is a Chinese student-based non-religious, non-political and non-profit student organization. Members include any student or scholar who is currently or will be studying and working at OCAD U. We aim to help Chinese students learn and live in Canada and alleviate the incompatibility caused by different backgrounds and cultures. We will work hard to promote exchange between new and returning students, between Chinese and non-Chinese students and between OCAD U and other universities. We will also act as a bridge between students and various departments of OCAD U to safeguard their rights and interests. Email: / Web: / Wechat: ocadcssawechat / Wechat Subscription: ocadcssa


The Zine Collective is made up of students who are interested in self-publishing through the medium of zines. Together we create zines, learn about zine distribution and promotion, and help sustain the OCAD U Zine Library. We also help plan the annual OCAD U Zine Fair and attend activities like workshops and field trips to other zine events. Come and join us if you’re interested in promoting and distributing your artwork in a way that is easy, cheap, and fun! Email: / Facebook:


OCAD U Blxck Association is aimed at accommodating OCAD University’s Black community through the facilitation of conferences, events and workshops. Our initiatives are meant to instil a sense of community, raise awareness, celebrate and uplift Black lives in our institution. Our association is currently working on the programming for the upcoming Black History Month where we look forward to student and faculty engagement on topics surrounding being Black in Canada. Email: / Facebook: / Instagram:


The OCAD U Sikh Student's Association—under the umbrella organisation of Experience Sikhi - The Sikh Youth Federation—aims to provide a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of whether they come from a Sikh background or not. Our goal is to educate one another to understand and raise awareness about what Sikhi is. This allows us to break barriers and misunderstandings that may exist about Sikhi and Sikhs. Through various events such as Game Nights, Paint Nites, and exploring Sikh Art History, along with prayer evenings and discussions with guest speakers, we will create a friendly community to experience Sikhi. Email: / Instagram:


The OCAD U Student Press serves as a platform for idea sharing, research, and communication among the OCAD U community. We publish a major book every year, showcasing ground-breaking academic research and projects done by our most promising students in the fields of art and design. The Press offers a series of educational workshops, additional publications and events, offering students new opportunities to get involved. Email: / Web:


PROUD at OCAD U is an LGBTQ+ student organization dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive and positive community at OCAD University. We are committed to an intersectional, diverse approach and strive to provide LGBTQ+ students on campus with support and resources, ways to create art and design, and celebrate our identities through meetings, events, and other initiatives. In addition, PROUD at OCAD U is a resource for students, staff and faculty who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community to learn how to better support and accommodate their students and colleagues; however, emphasis will always be placed on the LGBTQ+ student population. Email: / Facebook: / Twitter: / Instagram:


The Grind is an incubator for students who want to start their own small business. The group aims to connect students interested in business/entrepreneurship, encourage collaboration and provide guest speakers, workshops and resources to assist participants in networking, learning new skills and portfolio building. Email: / Facebook: / Twitter: / Instagram:


The Taste of Vegetarian promotes the health benefits and nutritional values of vegetarianism, through hosting workshops to teach each other how to cook delicious dishes. Email:


Want to learn how to make ceramic pots on a wheel? This is your chance! Throwing Club will be doing weekly sessions where we teach anyone with Ceramic studio access how to throw — just because we think throwing is fabulous and everyone should give it a try! Students from all departments welcome. Email:


Vernacular is a creative writing and publishing collective dedicated to poetry and other experimental approaches to language. We meet to share prompts and new works, and to develop our language-based practices. Curated works will be distributed through periodic publications, podcasts and events. By fostering a community of writers, speakers and signers, Vernacular provides a platform for creative linguistic agency and innovation. Email: / Facebook: