Mentoring exists in every society, but has different faces. We all have memories of someone helping and encouraging us to do better, sharing knowledge, skills, ideas and experience.

Each of you will have a different reason for wanting to participate in one or more of our mentoring programs, but together, our role is the same: to support, listen and provide encouragement; search out guidance and assistance; and in the process, learn, generate, share and implement ideas.

Our programs

The following programs is open to participation by our first-year and upper-year undergraduate students:

Student Mentor Program
This program is designed to create a positive student experience, enhance personal growth and academic success for all participants. First-year undergraduate "Student Mentees" are matched with knowledgeable, upper-year student volunteer "Peer Mentors".


Brent Everett James
Campus Life Coordinator
Student Success Programs
416-977-6000, Ext. 275