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RETURN TO CAMPUS UPDATE: Proof of vaccination requirements

Earlier this month, President Serrano announced that OCAD University will require all members of its community to provide their vaccination status before they can come to campus for in-person activities. The following message provides further details on what you can expect.  

Deadlines for vaccination

  • Tuesday, September 7, 2021: Deadline for having at least your first dose of vaccination. Anyone who has only had a single dose of vaccine at this time will also be required to participate in the rapid antigen testing program until 14 days have passed since their second dose.
  • Tuesday, October 12, 2021: Deadline for having your second dose of vaccination. Newly vaccinated students or employees must continue to participate in the rapid testing program until 14 days have passed since their second dose. 
  • Tuesday, October 26, 2021: Date by which students and employees must be either fully vaccinated (i.e. 14 days have passed since second dose) and/or have an approved exemption and be participating in the rapid antigen testing program. 

Proof of vaccination is required
Students and employees will be required to provide proof of vaccination. OCAD University will collect proof of vaccination documents using the OCAD U Safe app (see below), which is also the tool for submitting your self-assessment prior to arrival on campus. Details on when you can begin submitting your proof of vaccination will be announced shortly. 

If you have been vaccinated outside of Ontario
For anyone vaccinated with one or more doses outside of the province of Ontario, please register your vaccination with Toronto Public Health (your vaccination proof is required) to ensure your vaccination history is reflected in official Ontario records. Registering your out-of-province vaccine will ensure you receive accurate notice regarding future booster shots and other important updates. Note that there are wait times for this service. Read more about how to document your out-of-province vaccine

Vaccination exemptions
For those few individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to permitted exemptions (medical and other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code), you must provide documentation for your exemption and request accommodation. Details on this process will be announced soon. 

Rapid antigen testing programIndividuals with an approved exemption (and those with only one dose of a two-dose vaccine) will be enrolled in the rapid antigen testing program. At-home test kits will be provided for free to all enrolled individuals, providing enough tests for 12 weeks at a time. Updated: August 27, 2021: Participants in the rapid antigen testing program must submit 2 (two) tests per week, whether they are coming to campus or not, and test results must be negative. If participants miss these submissions or submit a positive test, their access to campus will be paused until resolved. If participants submit a positive test result, they are required to go to the nearest COVID-19 assessment centre to confirm the result, and OCAD University’s Environmental Health & Safety office will follow up with them on next steps.

OCAD U Safe app
As part of our contact tracing requirement, the new OCAD U Safe app (found in the Apple App Store and Google Play) has been developed for students and employees to submit their self-assessments in advance of arrival on campus, each time. The self-assessment helps the University track who was on campus in order to know who to notify when a positive case is reported on campus. You will be expected to submit a self-assessment within 24 hours of arrival on campus. This app is also where you will upload your proof of vaccination (details to come). 

Access by OCAD U ID card
Access to campus will be controlled using OCAD U ID swipe cards. Your card access will be enabled once your proof of vaccination and/or approved accommodation and participation in the rapid testing program are confirmed. 

Student ID cards
Students who do not yet have an ID card can upload their photos using an online submission form. Please DO NOT re-upload a photo if you have already done so; contact to confirm your card has been printed. 

If your card is expired, contact Your identity and status as a student will be verified and your expiry date can be updated without any changes to your card. Read more about how to submit your photo and pick up your ID card and details about how you can pick it up.

Employee ID cards
We will provide more details on the process for employees who do not currently have ID cards very soon. If your card is expired, contact Your identity and status as an employee will be verified and your expiry date can be updated without any changes to your card.  

Three things you should do now

To recap, there are three things you should do now in preparation for being on campus this fall:

  1. Get vaccinated.
    Ensure you have your proof of vaccination ready. If you are experiencing barriers or hesitancy, support is available.
  2. Download the OCAD U Safe App.
    You’ll use this app to submit a self-assessment in advance of each time you come to campus. You’ll also use this app to submit your proof of vaccination (look for an update). If you do not have a phone, an alternative website will be provided.
  3. For students who don’t already have one, get your OCAD U ID card. For employees who don’t have one, watch for more info soon.

We truly appreciate the patience of our community throughout these recent weeks. We know everyone is anxious and has many questions, and the pandemic context continues to rapidly evolve. Teams across the campus are working very hard to get the information you need ready, and we will have more for you very soon. Keep watching our Return to Campus website for ongoing updates, and your OCAD U email. 

Take care,

Deanne Fisher
Vice-Provost, Students & International
Chair, Fall Experience Working Group