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New OCAD U Program: SCIENCE (Minor) 2023/2024

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New OCAD U Program: SCIENCE (Minor) 2023/2024

Forms of science are increasingly changing and innovating contemporary art and design practices, opening new vistas for exploration and discovery founded upon scientific principles. Offered by the Department of Liberal Studies at OCAD U’s Faculty of Arts & Science, a Science minor is invaluable to art or design students who wish to master a second area of expertise for successful careers in industries where basic working knowledge of physics, biology/ergonomics, computer science, digital modelling and/or analytics are required. A minor in Science will also provide certification in a second teachable subject for those students preparing to pursue teaching careers at the secondary or primary levels.

The Science minor requires completion of 3.0 credits from the areas of Science, Technology and Math (SCTM), and certain specific courses in Digital Futures (DIGF), Environmental Design (ENVR), Humanities (HUMN), Industrial Design (INDS), Integrated Media (INTM), and Life Studies (LIFE). In addition to the listed courses, a student may take a maximum of 0.5 credits in Independent Study, Field Study or Mobility Exchange, with a Letter of Permission from the Chair of Liberal Studies (LAS).  

For a full list of program requirements and eligible courses, please review the Science (minor) Program Guide at the Program Guides page.

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