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113Research reopens with Port-to-Port by Alisa Oleva on March 9, 2022

Port-to-port: Black and white collaged landscape imagery.

Image: Slava Redov, Place near Kola Bay, Murmansk, Russia.
Rosa, Felixstowe Sea Front Gardens (in particular the little water feature), Felixstowe.

Port-to-Port, a project commissioned by Pier Projects focused in Felixstowe, UK, presented a series of public art events inspired by walking in real-time and online. Multidisciplinary artist, Alisa Oleva invited Felixstowe residents to describe local places that resonated with them. From this, a map of personal landmarks was created. Inspired by the internationalism and dynamism of Felixstowe, as port, each of these writings collected locally was sent to someone living in a different port town. This person was invited to respond. There were 25 exchanges across all corners of the globe. Postcards and audio readings of these writings became symbolic of these locations ‘meeting’. The exhibited photographs of the paired towns are overlaid in postcard form creating a visual hybrid of these places. Whilst the contributors are unlikely to meet face-to-face, they feel the presence of another person’s life elsewhere.

Links to the postcards, recordings, and commissioned text by Gudrun Filipska can be found here.

113Research as research-creation exhibition/project space, speaks out to the OCAD U community, posing questions that foreground making practices, collaboration, pedagogy, and the challenges of institutional growth and change. We welcome evocative and provocative projects that generate a frisson within the institution and its constituent communities.

Sponsored by Faculty of Art & Office of Research & Innovation, OCAD U.

Advisory Committee 2022: Ana Serrano, Ashok Mathur, Stephen Foster, Lillian Allen, Natalie Waldburger, Adrienne Reynolds, Travis Freeman, Shazia Hussain, Vicky Talwar, Siheng Wang, Ella Taylor.

Project Working Team 2022: 

  • Pam Patterson: Project Director
  • Vicky Talwar & Siheng Wang: Research, Graduate Studies
  • Ella Taylor: Curatorial, Faculty of Art

113Research is located at OCAD University on the 5th floor, 113 McCaul Street.