OCAD University’s GradEx 107 will have a number of features to make the event as accessible as possible.

  • Opening night’s receptions and party will be held outdoors in Butterfield Park.
  • Student sales will be held outdoors in Butterfield Park May 12-15.
  • Exhibitors will be spread out across OCAD U’s McCaul and Richmond Street West campus.
  • There will be limited capacity in the mornings of the exhibition. Visitors wanting a less crowded experience can reserve a spot during these times. Visitors who do not reserve a spot in the mornings may be accommodated subject to the capacity limit. Afternoons and evenings will be open to all – no reservations required.
  • The limited capacity hours will attract guests who may be immunocompromised, so we strongly encourage and expect visitors coming during these times to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Wearing masks is required in indoor spaces.
  • Additional COVID-19 measures may be announced closer to the event launch.