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Softcover Bookbinding at Home

Illustration of an open book with the spine being sewn with a needle and thread and another book with a stab binding along its side

Come learn the basics of softcover bookbinding to give your zines and publications a handmade touch! This workshop will cover folded bindings, pamphlet stitch and Japanese stab binding.  

With the workshop presented online, participants will need to provide their own materials. Bring some blank paper, a ruler, a pencil, scissors or a knife, a needle, and thread. Bookbinding needles and thread are ideal, but any sewing or crafting needles or thread such as embroidery floss will be fine. If you don’t have any thread available, dental floss can be used instead. 

Join the session on Thursday, March 4th at 1pm EST online on Microsoft Teams at  

If you've missed the past sessions in our Zine Library workshop series, you can access recordings and presentation materials at