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Experiential Photography – International Collaboration

Experiential Photography – International Collaboration

Experiential Photography taught by Ursula Handleigh and partnered with Professor Jay Javier from De La Salle-College of St Benilde in Manila, explores expanded and alternative photographic processes within the Philippine landscape. Students will engage in a variety of analogue and slow photographic techniques that respond to the local landscape and flora while considering the impact of photographic practice on the local environment. Students will learn about low-waste and sustainable film and photo paper developers and will be encouraged to create their own developer recipes that are site responsive. Students will also be introduced to historical methods of image capture, hand-tinting, and colorizing while using a traditional black-and-white darkroom. With a focus on experiential learning, students will be encouraged to explore materiality, place and process throughout this international course. 


Selected participants must participate in three in person session prior to travel on the following dates: 


April 19: 10 am-12 pm  


April 26: 10 am-12 pm


May 03: 10 am-12 pm  


Travel Dates: May 10th-May 25th, 2024 


Preliminary Itinerary: Most days will be structured in the following way. 


9 am-12 pm – Planned group activity/ workshop/ cultural immersion excursion 


1:00 pm onwards – Studio time / Open time (list of events, and activities for solo or student-led small group exploration will be provided) 


  • MAY 10, Friday: Arrival- Check into hostel

  • MAY 11, Saturday: Rest Day 

  • MAY 12, Sunday: immersive cultural experience (TBD)  

  • MAY 13, Monday: Tour of Campus  

  • MAY 14, Tuesday: Introduction to Darkrooms and Studios  

  • MAY 15, Wednesday: Workshop: Pinhole (St Benilde led)  

  • MAY 16, Thursday: Gallery Visit  

  • MAY 17, Friday: Workshop: Slow Photography (Ursula)  

  • MAY 18, Saturday: immersive cultural experience (TBD)  

  • MAY 19, Sunday: (free day)  

  • MAY 20, Monday: Workshop: Hand Colouring Black & White Photographs (St Benilde led)  

  • MAY 21, Tuesday: Gallery Visit  

  • MAY 22, Wednesday: Workshop: Plant-based developers (Ursula)  

  • MAY 23, Thursday: Immersive cultural experience (TBD) 

  • MAY 24, Friday: Closing circle  

  • MAY 25, Saturday: Depart Manila  


Want to learn more? Join us for an information session on November 3rd 1:00pm-2:30pm  

Location: 115 McCaul, lower level 


Instructor: Ursula Handleigh  

International Programs & Collaborations Office: 


Submission deadline: Sunday November 12th by 11:59pm   


Eligibility: This call is open to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Art, Faculty of Design and Faculty of Arts and Science who have completed a minimum of 10.0 credits or more. 


Funding: OCAD U seeks to reduce barriers to participation and increase the engagement of underrepresented students in international learning opportunities.      


Funding for domestic undergraduate students is provided through the Global Skills Opportunity program. Target groups are defined through this program as follows:    


Low-income students: either having 1.) been approved for a Canada/Provincial Student Loan, Canada Student Grant or similar non-repayable student financial assistance in your province or territory for your current program of study OR 2.) In the absence of receiving non-repayable student financial assistance, can provide information to demonstrate that they require financial support to cover the estimated costs/expenses of this course.    


Indigenous students: First Nations, Métis or Inuk (Inuit). This includes urban and unaffiliated Indigenous peoples.   


Students with disabilities: For the purposes of this program, disability is defined as a difficulty or impairment due to a long-term condition or health problem and/or experiences a limitation in their daily activities. Students do not need to be registered with OCAD U’s Student Accessibility Services, rather they are only required to only self-identify.     


This funding is to assist with estimated costs for flight, accommodations, meals and local travel. It is available to domestic undergraduate students who self-identify as one or more of these groups.  Along with your application you will be asked to self-identify in order for us to gauge student funding eligibility.


*Students who have already received this funding are not eligible. Priority will be given to students who have not already received GSO or GEP funding through previous opportunities*    


Estimated Costs/expenses: There is no associated participation or application fee, however, note that all selected students will be registered for this course and will be responsible for the associated tuition for a 0.5 credit. Eligible students will be provided with a maximum of $1750.00 CAD for their round-trip airfare. 



Successful applicants will be contacted to participate in a short interview 

 on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023, via Teams 


Flight (round trip)   


Up to a maximum of $1750.00 CAD will be provided 



Accommodation (shared room)   


(52.50/ pp per night) $787.50 ea for 15 nights 




Breakfast Included and café available approx. $10/ meal  

$300 approx. for 2 meals x day ($20 a day) 



Local Travel  


$20 (.40 c per trip) 


Total estimated cost:    




This is the summary of estimated costs. For those students who are not eligible for GSO funding they will be responsible to cover these expenses  


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