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About Stella Obedi (She/Her)
2nd year Drawing and Painting Major

Hello Humans of OCAD U! My name is Stella Obedi (She/Her). I am a second year Drawing and Painting major and I have always loved working in mixed media and making art which looks at ways we as artists can make work which is reusable or more environmentally friendly. I will be the new student monitor for the OCAD U ReUse Depot, and I am very excited! My interest in this position began when I was in my first year, and I had a class assignment which required us to find materials on campus and reuse them to create a painting. I want to make the ReUse Depots more accessible, organized, and easy to use for students. That is why I have decided to take this role as the student monitor; I want to work together with the Office of Diversity, Equity & Sustainability Initiatives (ODESI) to find ways in which these ReUse Depots can better support the students they were created for. I would also like to get the students more involved in trying to accomplish this goal, because after all they were created for us. I would like to thank Victoria Ho, Sustainability Coordinator, for giving me this opportunity, and I can’t wait to make the Reuse Depots bigger and better this summer, and upcoming semester!