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OCAD University’s Indigenous Learning Outcomes


Adjunct Policy

OCAD University values mutually beneficial associations with external professionals and particularly the services they can provide in research arrangements and as co-supervisors or advisors of graduate and undergraduate research students.

Honorary Degree Nomination Process

Every year at Spring Convocation, OCAD University confers honorary doctoral degrees upon outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the fields of art, design, and culture; to education; and to the ideals of our University. This is the highest honour offered by OCAD U.

Flow: Curricular Transformation

Flow: Curricular Transformation is a university-wide initiative designed to renew OCAD University’s curriculum. It will create a more open and inclusive, interdisciplinary and learner-directed educational experience for our students, while at the same time allowing the university to build a more financially sustainable model of curriculum delivery.

Emerit Status

After normal or early retirement, members of the OCAD University faculty who have held the rank of Professor or Associate Professor, and permanent Librarians, may be granted honorary Emerit status appropriate to their rank and appointment at retirement, with attendant rights, privileges and responsibilities as outlined below.



(Article 21.6 of the MOA)

The purpose of Sabbaticals is to support faculty in their pursuit of new professional skills within their specific art and/or design discipline; t

Professional Development

Under the MOA, each Tenured, Probationary and Continuing Faculty member is allotted $1000 per year for eligible expenses relating to their professional development.


Peer Review


Peer Reviews are used to assess overall performance and make recommendations concerning promotion of rank (for Teaching-Intensive Stream (TIS), Contractually Limited Term Appointment (CLTA), Co

Annual Reports and Performance Reviews

Annual Reports

(Article 24.2 and Appendix B of the MOA)


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