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In the lead up to the upcoming 2019 federal election, OCAD University and Instagram have teamed up to encourage Canadians to participate in the election. This past spring, OCAD U and Instagram launched the “I Voted” sticker competition, which provided design students at OCAD U and NSCAD with an opportunity to design an Instagram Story sticker that will allow Canadians to share their voting experience with the rest of the Instagram community. The sticker will also link to timely Election Day information on when and where Canadians can vote. Third-year OCAD U student, Charlotte Durnford-Dionne, won the competition, alongside Kassidy Bernard, a student from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). Both will have their designs become official Instagram Story stickers during the election, received $5,000 cash and a trip to San Francisco, where they met with the Instagram team to finalize their design. “We are delighted to participate in this important partnership with Instagram to promote civic engagement and voter turnout,” said Dr. Sara Diamond, President and Vice-Chancellor, OCAD University. “As Canada’s oldest and largest art, design and media university, OCAD U also plays a special role in stimulating critical thinking and nurturing highly qualified problem-solvers and creative makers that our diverse and complex world needs.” “Civic engagement is integral to a thriving democracy, where every Canadian has a voice and can contribute to building vibrant communities. At Instagram, we want to help our community share that they voted and connect them to timely and accurate information on when and where they can vote on Election Day,” said Jessica Smith, Public Policy Manager at Facebook and Instagram Canada. “We are proud to collaborate with local students to design the I Voted stickers that will be featured in this election, and thank OCAD U for their partnership to encourage strong voter turnout.” The winning stickers will be released on Instagram in the lead up to the federal election. In addition to the Instagram I Voted sticker, Facebook also announced today additional civic engagement tools to encourage voter registration, connect people to information about when and where to vote, and allow them to celebrate with fun ways to share they voted. The United Nations' International Day of Democracy takes place this Sunday, September 15 and celebrates the benefits that democracy has brought to people around the globe.  

Faculty of Design
Winning designs in 'I Voted' sticker competition
Charlotte Durnford-Dionne

In the lead up to the 2019 federal election, OCAD University has partnered with Instagram to give students the opportunity to create an “I Voted” sticker that will be available in Instagram Stories. The goal of the competition is to leverage the widespread reach of Instagram to encourage civic engagement for the upcoming Canadian federal election. 

Over 500 million people across the world use Instagram Stories, and this fall Canadians will be able to use this platform to tell their community that they voted in 43rd federal election by using this interactive “I Voted” sticker on Instagram. 

This two-phase competition will commission up to 10 students to design an “I Voted” sticker for Canada, with one winning student working on the final design on Instagram. To facilitate this, the winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco where they will meet with the Instagram team and finalize their design. The winner will also receive $5,000 cash!​

The first phase of the competition is open to all current, full-time undergraduate and graduate students at OCAD University, including those who are graduating in summer, 2019, who are at least eighteen (18) years of age. 

Phase 1 Participants can submit up to five links to posts that images show your best existing art and design work on social-media. The submissions do not need to be related to the specific theme of the competition and can feature recent or previous work. This could include illustrations, graphic design, paintings, animations, or photos/video of products, sculptures, or installations. The deadline to submit these links is Friday, May 17, 2019. A short list of the results will be announced on Friday, May 31, 2019. 

Up to 10 winners will receive:

  • $250 to create an “I Voted” sticker design
  • Your sticker design featured in an online exhibition
  • Eligibility to win the additional prizes in Phase 2

Phase 2: Interactive “I Voted” sticker design

The students selected by the phase 1 jury will each create a design for a new interactive “I Voted” sticker for Instagram Stories. The deadline for these submissions is Friday, June 28, 2019. The submissions will be evaluated by a Jury comprised of OCAD U faculty and Instagram employees. Winners will be announced on Thursday, July 18, 2019. The results will be highlighted on the competition website, In addition to the $250 commission fee, three additional prizes will be awarded.

For complete details on how to participate, please visit ​

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