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To reduce the volume of hazardous waste produced at OCAD U as well as reduce the cost of its safe disposal, Drawing & Painting are shifting from paper towel brush cleaning to cloth rag brush cleaning.

Over 2018-19, a study was undertaken by students and staff to find ways to cut down on OCAD U’s hazardous waste. Soiled paper towels made up around half of the University’s hazardous waste! Shifting to cloth rag brush cleaning in Drawing & Painting is meant to encourage reuse of scrap material that might otherwise go to landfill.

To aid in this transition, we will be placing storage containers in each studio to hold upcycled cloth material for students to use as painting rags.

This Drawing and Painting initiative is in collaboration with Safety & Security, Facilities & Studio Services, and the Office of Diversity, Equity & Sustainability Initiatives.

Diversity, Equity & Sustainability (ODESI) Faculty of Art
Rags covered in paint

On April 5th 2019, OCAD U participated in CRAM, a city-wide free event that brought Toronto's universities together to share their research with the public. Assistant Professor Michele Mastroeni spoke at CRAM, delivering a talk on sustainability and consumer culture titled "Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Reversing Our Throwaway Culture" As a result of his successful CRAM talk, Dr. Mastroeni was invited to appear on Breakfast Television (CityTv) in a segment titled "How to stop 'throw away' culture!", where he further discussed strategies for mindful and sustainable consumer habits with hosts Dina Pugliese and Roger Peterson.  

See the full interview here:

Research Faculty of Design
Dr. Michele Mastroeni appearing on Breakfast Television, pictured here in an interview with the hosts.


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