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The OCAD University’s Material Art and Design program is pleased to announce Debut, an exhibition showcasing a selection of art and design works by 16 locally-based graduating students from the program in 2021. The works are on display in the Craft Ontario’s feature windows now until July 10.

Participating students are: Anthia Barboutsis; Si Chen; Camila Garzon; Ellene Fu; Aichoucha Haidara; Melody Juthamongkol; Summer Lee; Yucan Liang; Leah Liu; Kaushika Nayyar; Moraa Stump; Ziyi Wang; Nathan Whitefield; Yuki Wong; John Xu; and Sia Zhang.

For information about each student’s work, please see

Craft Ontario will announce its reopening information and how to book a visit on their website When permitted, please visit the exhibition to congratulate the Material Art and Design 2021 graduating students on flourishing under the difficult circumstances and delivering absolutely stunning outcomes. Currently, the works can be viewed in the front vitrine from the street.

To see more works by the graduating students from the Material Art & Design program, including those outside Canada, please visit and

Venue & Address
Feature Windows, Craft Ontario
1106 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H9
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MAAD Grad Exhibition at Craft Ontario #1
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