Undergraduate academic regulations and procedures 

Do you need to appeal an academic decision? Or determine how to change your major or program?

In the document below you will find all of the academic regulations and procedures — like those above — which inform the undergraduate student experience at OCAD University.

Undergraduate students are required to read this information carefully and ensure that they are informed of all underlying expectations and guidelines at the university.

Should a student wish to undertake a particular procedure, they would be encouraged to visit other parts of the OCAD U website first to find more information or source forms. For example, this would include the Records and Registration page.

To review the undergraduate academic regulations and procedures, click on the link below:

This document includes information on the following:

  • Academic Standing
  • Academic Considerations for Religious Observances
  • Attendance Policy
  • Change of Major/Program
  • Choice of Major/Program in First-Year
  • Course Grading Scheme
  • Course Weight
  • Credit Requirements and Limits for Alumni in Degree Programs
  • Deferred Final Examination Policy
  • Defining Year of Study
  • Enrolment Status
  • Final Tests, Examinations & Critiques
  • Grade Appeal
  • Grading Scheme
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Graduation with Distinction
  • Incomplete Grades
  • Maximum Credit Attempts
  • Religious Observance Dates
  • Repeat Courses
  • Student Access to Final Examination Materials
  • Student Petition
  • Transfer from Diploma to Degree Program
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