Academic policies

The following is a list of the major academic policies at OCAD University. Each policy is linked to a PDF document. Students should become familiar with each of them to ensure their understanding of related procedures and guidelines. University policies and procedures are subject to change and are not tied to a specific academic year, unless otherwise noted.

For example, commonly requested procedures for the following are included here:

  • The petition process, whereby students seek relief from particular rules or regulations
  • Grade appeals, whereby students request that a final grade be changed
  • The policy on academic standing

Academic Standards Committee – 1000 Series

1001: Pan-Canadian Protocol on the Transferability of University Credits
1002: Repeat Courses (Undergraduate)
1003: Second Credential
1004: Academic Standing (Undergraduate)
1005: Graduation Requirements - Pre 2014/2015 academic year (Undergraduate)
1005: Graduation Requirements - Students admitted 2014/2015 academic year or later (Undergraduate)
1006: Prior Learning Assessment (Undergraduate)
1008: Dean's Honour List (Undergraduate)
1009: Graduation with Distinction (Undergraduate)
1010: Attendance Policy (Undergraduate)
1012: Independent Study (Undergraduate)
1013: Graduation Approval Process and Convocation
1014: Academic Misconduct Policy
1016: Postgraduate Certificate Programs
1017: Academic Considerations for Religious Observances
1018: Student Petitions
1019: Examinations
1020: Letter of Permission
1021: Grading 
1022: Grade Appeals
1023: Undergraduate Student Mobility/Exchange Program
1024: Transfer from Diploma to Degree Program
1025: Residency Requirement (Undergraduate)
1027: Enrolment Status (Undergraduate)
1029: Academic Progression - First Year 
1030: Academic Progression (Students admitted prior to 2013)
1031: Reinstatement
1032: Posthumous Degrees
1033: Graduation with Honours, Associate of the Ontario College of Art & Design Diploma
1034: Admissions Requirements (Undergraduate)

Enrolment Retention and Recruitment Committee – 2000 Series

2001: Special Students
2002: Auditing Courses

Academic Policy and Planning Committee – 3000 Series

3001: Independent Study Abroad (Undergraduate Students)
3002: Student Academic Appeals
3005: Experiential Learning Placement Program
3007: Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
3008: Articulation Agreements and Transfers Pathways, Undergraduate

Curriculum Committee – 4000 Series

4001: Minors - Pre 2014/2015 academic year
4001: Minors - Declared 2014/2015 academic, or later
4002: Degree Completion Program Policy

Pandemic/Emergency Planning – 5000 series

5000: Pandemic Student Attendance Policy

Graduate Studies - 6000 Series

6001: Graduate Studies Administration
6002: Graduate Studies Faculty
6003: Graduate Studies Admission
6004: Graduate Studies Registration
6005: Graduate Studies Grading
6006: Graduate Studies Supervision
6007: Graduate Studies Residency, Course Requirements and Time Limits
6008: Graduate Studies Academic Integrity 
6009: Graduate Studies Leave of Absence and Voluntary Withdrawal
6010: Graduate Studies Human Subjects Ethics Review
6011: Graduate Studies Submission and Examination of Masters Theses
6012: Graduate Studies Award of the Degree
6013: Graduate Studies Appeals Process
6016: Graduate Studies Special Studies
6017: Graduate Studies Academic Standing
6018: Graduate Studies Extended Deadlines for Course Work

Research - 7000 Series

7001: Integrity in Research and Scholarship


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