Academic Integrity Workshop

Learning how to use and cite visual and textual sources can be challenging. This workshop provides clarity around how sources can be used, why they should be documented, and how to document them appropriately. It will introduce you to some practical strategies for tracking your visual and textual research, reading, note-taking and paraphrasing that can help you effectively integrate your research into your writing and making processes.

Thursday, July 30th
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
MCC 512, 5th floor (113 McCaul Street)

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Academic Skills Training: On Track for Success

This training reviews a variety of academic skills and offers time for you to practice using strategies for success. After completing a self-assessment survey to determine your own academic strengths and barriers, we will work through activities designed to help you:
  • Manage your time and energy
  • Set realistic learning goals and stay motivated
  • Improve your note-taking and critical reading skills
  • Address difficult situations such as working under pressure
  • Manage your workload and dealing with procrastination
  • Identify where and how to access help at OCAD U throughout your program

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Student in the Great Hall during LNAP
Students in the Great Hall during LNAP, Winter 2019. Photo by Tori Maas

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