Feedback for the Writing & Learning Centre

Comments, compliments, and complaints procedure

Feedback about the Writing & Learning Centre can be submitted as comments, compliments, and complaints via one of the options below.

Student may wish to include the following remarks:

  • What happened;
  • When and where the situation occurred; 
  • Who was involved, and
  • What actions were taken.

All feedback will remain confidential and can be withdrawn at any time

Option 1. Submit a feedback form to the Writing & Learning Centre

  • The Feedback Form is submitted anonymously to the Writing & Learning Centre
  • If you require a reply to a specific situation however, please indicate your name and contact information and we will respond within 24 hours
  • While help may be limited for concerns submitted anonymously, all suggestions will be considered and taken seriously

Option 2. Discuss the issue with the person involved

  • If you have a compliment, comment, or complaint with a program, service, or staff member in the Writing & Learning Centre, you can first try to speak with the person involved, if applicable
  • The Writing & Learning Centre staff are committed to helping resolve any concerns students may have

Option 3. Contact Carrianne Leung, Coordinator, Writing & Learning Services

  • If you are unable to resolve a problem you have encountered with a Writing & Learning Centre program service, or staff member, you may email or make an appointment with Carrianne Leung, Coordinator, Writing & Learning Centre
  • The Coordinator will listen to your concerns, keep you informed about the status of your complaint, and consult with you (and staff if necessary) to find resolution

Option 4. Contact Susan Ferguson, Director, Writing & Learning Centre

  • If you and the Coordinator are unable to resolve your concerns, or you would like to commend the service your received in the Writing & Learning Centre, you can make an appointment, submit a letter or email to Susan Ferguson, Director, Writing & Learning Centre
  • The Director, Writing & Learning Centre will listen and reply to your comment, consult with the Writing & Learning Centre if necessary, and work with you to find a resolution if required

Option 5. Meet with the OCAD University Student Union

  • You may choose to consult your Student Union, an independent advocate for OCAD U students
  • Call 416-977-6000, EXT. 341 to make a confidential appointment

Option 6. File a complaint under OCAD U's respectful work and learning environment policy

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