English Language Learning (ELL)

Our English Language Learning programs help you develop the English language skills you need to communicate fluently and confidently at OCAD U. We work with both English Language Learners and students who have spoken English all their lives. Our programs offer you an opportunity to focus on language skills and to work with a tutor who is trained in language teaching.

Individual or Small Group English Language Tutoring

Talk to an English language tutor about reading strategies, academic writing style, preparing for presentations or any other language challenges. If you want, bring a friend (or two) you like to study with. Bring an example of the readings and assignments you are working on.

English Language Mini-series

Work on your grammar skills over a series of four appointments with the same tutor. The Grammar Mini-series helps you identify your most common grammar errors and learn ways to correct them yourself.

English Language Study Plan

Make a plan to improve your English language skills this year! Talk with an English language tutor about the ways you are already working on your English skills and get expert tips to become an even better language learner. We will suggest easy ways to work on your English a little bit every day. We will also suggest strategies to deal with difficult language in your classes and readings. If you like, bring a friend.

English Language Resource Guide

Visit our English Language Resource guide for university level online resources to practice listening and reading in English and to build your vocabulary. Use the guide on your own or ask a tutor to give you tour of the guide and suggest resources that might be useful to you.
Student input plays an important role in ELL program development. Let us know what activities, services, and resources would be helpful to you. You can email Emilie Brancato at ebrancato@ocadu.ca with questions or ideas.