Contact the Writing & Learning Centre

416-977-6000, Ext. 229

Susan Ferguson

416-977-6000, Ext. 375

I am responsible for initiatives that support student academic success at OCAD University by advancing best practices in writing pedagogy and student learning. I oversee the development of Writing & Learning Centre programs, ensuring that they are responsive to changing curriculum and the evolving needs and interests of our diverse student body. I also lead our university-wide Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative, working with the faculties to integrate support for student writing and English language learning. I have a master’s degree in the sociology of education from OISE/University of Toronto and an academic background in social research, feminist theory and disability studies. I maintain an active academic writing practice, most recently completing a chapter on embodiment, writing and decolonizing pedagogy.

Stephanie Dayes

416-977-6000, Ext. 239

I joined OCAD University in 2013 as an Educational Developer, and recently started my new role in the Writing & Learning Centre. I coordinate the development and delivery of our academic support programs and services for students. I oversee the day-to-day operations of programs such as tutoring, writing workshops, graduate student services, and English Language Learning programs, to support student success and retention. My previous work experience straddles instructional design, faculty support, and teaching in both online and hybrid education and writing-intensive courses. I have an MEd degree in Adult, Community & Higher Education, and am a lifelong learner in many things art- or literature-related, especially textiles and fibre art, creative writing, and CanLit. 

Natasha Holmes

416-977-6000, ext. 2786

As the program coordinator for the Writing & Learning Centre and the Faculty Curriculum Development Centre, I provide administrative support as well as program coordination for both departments. Working closely with our student staff, I help make sure that our centres are welcoming and helpful. I have worked at OCAD University for over 5 years, starting out in the Office of the Registrar as Assistant (Information & Records), and have a BA in business management.

Savindi Jinasena

416-977-6000, Ext. 3249 

As a Program Assistant for First Year Student Initiatives I have the opportunity to assist students as they adjust to the environment of a Post-Secondary Institution.  Through my role I get to create and collaborate on academic programs and community building programs on campus.  What is unique to my role is that I also get to work with first generation students (first in the family to attend university) and offer them support to pursue their academic and personal goals successfully.  My previous work experience has revolved around working with students as a student ambassador, peer helper and student mentor. I have a BA in History from the University of Guelph and a Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College.

Emilie Brancato

416-977-6000, Ext. 3248

I am responsible for developing and delivering a variety of resources and programs for students whose first language isn’t English. I work individually with students and deliver workshops in classrooms. As part of my role in the Writing Across the Curriculum initiative, I act as a resource for the OCAD University community and collaborate with faculty to support the discipline-specific writing and language-skills development of English language learners. I am also a performing artist (violin/viola) and a Lindy Hopper. I have achieved doctoral candidacy in mediaeval Studies at the University of Toronto and have a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

Rebecca Diederichs

416-977-6000, Ext. 3354

As a tutor and writing consultant, I provide a range of writing support to students at all levels of undergraduate and graduate studies including tutoring for many different kinds of writing projects such as research and analysis papers, artist statements and proposals. I help students with brainstorming, assignment comprehension, mapping ideas and research, reviewing essay structure and organization, presentation and critique preparation, direction to resources and citation and documentation practices. I’ve been involved with Toronto’s art community for many years as an artist, writer, curator, administrator and have both my AOCA and BFA from OCAD University. In 2010 I received a Masters of Visual Studies from the University of Toronto. 

Pariss Garramone

416-977-6000. Ext. 3357

I am responsible for implementing the university-wide Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative, working with faculty to integrate support for student writing and English language learning in their courses and teaching practices. I have a master's degree in Environmental Studies and a PhD in Education, both from York University. My work focuses on developing writing pedagogy and curriculum with a focus on social and environmental justice, and that uses critical and creative approaches. I have used zine making and podcast projects in many of my recent courses to help students develop as researchers, writers and creative and critical thinkers. I recently completed a collaborative research project, with Naomi Norquay, that examined how the history of The Old Durham Road Black Pioneer Settlement could be used as curriculum. Our findings have been developed into an article in the Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies.

Jessica Wyman

416-977-6000. Ext. 229

Since January 2015, I have worked as Graduate Writing & Learning Consultant with the WLC, working exclusively with current Masters students to support them in the progress of the studies at OCAD U. Most of my work with students is one-on-one, addressing whatever it is students are working on and thinking about at that moment in time (from writing assignments and presentations to grant and further graduate school applications to thesis statements and research questions, etc.), and I also run the annual MRP and Thesis Writing Intensive, a writing "bootcamp" for students in the latter stages of their Masters programs at OCAD U. Alongside my work with the WLC, I am faculty in Art, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Graduate Studies, teaching experiential learning, contemporary art history theory, and performance studies.







Neela Imani

Program: Drawing & Painting
Interests: Poetry, South Asian languages, painting flowers, diamonds, confectionery, satire

Karen Ngo

Program: Industrial Design
Interests: Mindfulness meditation, badminton, ceramics

Lucia Wallace

Program: Drawing & Painting
Interests: Textile arts, cats, swimming, coffee

Xulin Wang

Program: Illustration
Interests: Reading, Netflix, taking long walks

Study Group Leaders

Midnight Anderson

Program: Advertising
Interests: Natural hair, social justice, low brow celebrity gossip

Jacqueline Lee

Program: Advertising
Interests: Long boarding and turning my adventuring into surreal landscapes on Instagram

Abigail Permell

Program: Illustration
Interests: I love baking dessert and being active

Sebastian Rodriguez Y Vasti

Program: Photography
Interests: Poetry, film, music, philosophy

Hilary Thich

Program: Sculpture & Installation
Interests: Printmaking, looking at pictures of cats and dogs, sports, and going to the gym

Allen Wang

Program: Industrial Design
Interests: Viola & piano practice and video games