Faculty support services

Consultation and feedback

The Writing & Learning Centre offers support to faculty on designing effective writing assignments and in-class content, creating rubrics and setting student expectations, giving effective feedback to students, supporting ELL students, and working with students to avoid plagiarism. For more information please contact us here.

In-class workshops

Faculty in all disciplines can take advantage of in-class writing workshops that focus on supporting students in Thesis.  As students prepare for Thesis beginning in third year and culminating in their fourth year they are required to bring together studio, research, and writing and they are asked to consider and write about their own work in context with visual culture and practices.

Led by an experienced WLC facilitator, each workshop can run between 60 to 90 minutes in length and involves active learning through group activities. Workshops include:

1. Strategies for Generating Ideas, Expanding Research Investigations
2. The Annotated Bibliography - using it to support research, writing, and studio practice
3. Examining the Components of a Fourth-Year Studio Research or Practice Paper
4. Articulating Studio Practice
5. Writing an Artist Statement or Design Pitch

Click here for detailed descriptions of WAC workshops for first- and second-year courses and third- and fourth-year courses.

Interested in including one or two of these in your course? Submit a request here.

Further questions about the workshops? Contact Rebecca Diederichs, Writing & Learning Consultant, at rdiederichs@ocadu.ca for more information.

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