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The Maker Lab


The Maker Lab is part of the Digital Media Research & Innovation Institute (DMRII) at OCAD University, which is funded by various research-related projects and capital funding.

The shop is intended to support broad based graduate and research work taking place at OCAD U.


Stationary: Drill press, band saw, slide compound mitre saw, scroll saw.

Portable: Drill, jig saw, circular saw, sanders, rotary tool, router, pneumatic brad nailer, soldering stations, various common hand tools.


Individuals wishing to gain access to the Maker Lab must complete required safety training. This training includes the online Maker Lab training course, as well is in-shop, in-person training. Before completing this course, please contact the Maker Lab Technician, Reza Safaei, to schedule a meeting.

Location and schedule

Room 7714, 7th floor, 205 Richmond St. W.

Fall studio schedules will be posted shortly. Please contact Studio Management with any questions.

Studio schedules are subject to change. Please check studio doors for any updates on schedule changes.


Sefan Tobolka
Office: RHA 714