Production materials fees

Production materials fees cover the costs of materials consumed and/or incorporated in the making of student work in the shops and studios at OCAD University.

Fee schedule


FEE (per course)

 Drawing & Painting
 Printmaking  $45.00
 Integrated Media
 Sculpture & Installation
 Photography  $30.00
 Fabrication Studios
 Material Art & Design
 Design Photography (ADVR, GDES, GRPH)

*Note: DRPT 2011 carries a $50.00 production materials fee.

Please note some first year courses delivered in dedicated studios carry a fee related to relevant program area. First year courses with production materials fees attached are noted in course calendar. 

Production materials fees are automatically added to a student’s online fees account at the time of registration, and are due in full by the first tuition payment deadline in August.  Production materials fees are non-refundable after the last day to change courses with a 100% refund, as outlined in the Calendar.