Shops and studios health and safety

The Studio Management department, working with the university and its staff, has several health and safety policies in place to ensure that the shops and studios are safe and healthy places in which to work and study. Copies of the policies are available at OCAD U Health & Safety. All staff (technicians, class assistants, and monitors) working in the shops and studios are certified in WHMIS and OCAD U health and safety training designed specifically to fit the needs of the area where they work.

Shop dress code

Studio Management asks all faculty, staff and students to observe the following rules in all shops, and in certain studios. Faculty and technicians will expect students' cooperation if they wish to use the shops and studios. Faculty and technicians are empowered to suspend shop privileges if in their opinion a user may be putting him/herself or others in danger.

  • Wear sturdy and appropriate shoes: e.g., sneakers, closed leather shoes or work boots - NOT open-toed sandals, flip-flops or high heels.
  • No bare midriffs if exposure to chemicals or tools/machinery is likely: wear an apron if necessary.
  • No long, dangling clothing or accessories: (scarves, flowing sleeves, chains, long necklaces, etc.). Long hair must be tied back.
  • Face-shields or safety glasses MUST be worn when using machinery, and other personal protective equipment (e.g., gloves, splash goggles, dust mask, respirator, hearing protection) must be worn if needed.

Thank you for your cooperation

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