Green initiatives

The Studio Management department at OCAD U is committed to advancing environmental leadership and promoting sustainability through their studio operations. The shops and studios have implemented many initiatives that reflect “green” thinking and practice. These include:

  • A studio-wide waste diversion program that involves recycling and reusing scrap studio materials for class projects
  • The purchase of recycled materials (such as polyethylene plastics) for class supplies
  • The implementation of a new vegetable/coconut oil-based solvent called Estisol to replace the use of toxic solvents in Printmaking Studios. For more information on estisols visit
  • BIO-CIRCLE, a self-contained bio-remediation unit used to clean oils with microbes, installed in the Metal Shop. For more information on bio-remediation visit
  • A silver recovery program implemented in the Photography Centre where waste chemicals are pumped through a metallic replacement cartridge, which removes the silver and replaces it with iron, an environmentally safer agent.
  • Old rubber moulds from Foundry & Mouldmaking Studios are cut into pieces and reused for packing material
  • The campus-wide use of natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products by janitorial staff and studio technicians
  • Working with grOCAD and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Sustainability on special projects such as the Chromafarm window farm that was in Fibre Studio, where plants for natural dyes were grown.

The shops and studios will continue to support and launch programs committed to environmental responsibility, and invite OCAD U community members to submit ideas, comments and feedback about sustainability initiatives to Studio Management.

Sustainability in Shops and Studios
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