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Printmaking Studios


The Printmaking Studios provide the space and equipment needed for students to explore traditional printmaking techniques, as well as experiment with new technologies and materials. The main techniques and processes taught in the Printmaking Studios include:

  • Silkscreen (room 389)
  • Lithography (room 387)
  • Intaglio (room 375)
  • Relief (room 384)
  • Book arts (room 382)
  • Papermaking (room 390)
  • Digital printmaking (room 379)


For materials purchasing policy, see the Buying materials page.

Materials available for purchase in the Printmaking store

Note: Printmaking Studios staff make every effort to keep materials in stock, but availability is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

Facilities and equipment

Relief/Letterpress Studio: Vandercook Universal III Letterpress, two Vandercook #4 Letterpresses, 17” x 21”& 10” x 12” Iron Hand platen presses, 33” x 55” Takach intaglio / relief press, 8” x 10” polymer plate maker,two Book binding presses (10” x 12”, 11” x 18”), Kwikprint Model 86 Foil stamper, 30-inch wide Challengeguillotine paper cutter, small selection of lead and wood type.

Intaglio Studio: 30” x 50” Brand press, 36” x 52” Wepplo press, 30” x 52” American French Tool press, acidroom for zinc and copper etching, rosin aquatint box, hot plates for grounds and wiping.

Silkscreen Studio: Seven 34” x 48” vacuum tables, 56” x 63” AWT one-arm manual printing vacuum table, a selection of silkscreens up to 48” x 58”, washout room and pressure washer, light table.

Lithography Studio: 39” x 68” Griffin litho press, two 30” x 46” Praga Litho presses, 20” x 35” Praga Lithopress. Selection of stones up to 30” x 44.”

Papermaking Studio: Hollander beater (2lb capacity), 36” x 48” hydraulic paper press, 20” x 28” stack drier, tools for sheet forming and watermarking.

Darkroom: 70” x 53” silkscreen exposure unit, 22” x 26” single-point metal halide exposure unit (photo-intaglio & photo-lithography).

Digital Lab:  Mac Computers, 44-inch Epson 9800 colour Inkjet printer, 17-inch Epson 4880 colour Inkjet printer, 17-inch Epson 4880 b/w dye-based printer (for film negatives / positives), 12” x 17” scanner, laserprinter, light table.

Clean Room: Flat file storage, clean workspace, 18-inch wide guillotine paper cutter.

Risograph: RZ 990U with 6 colours (black, red, yellow, blue, fluorescent pink, teal).


Fall studio schedules will be posted shortly.

Studio schedules are subject to change without notice. Please consult studio doors for the most up-to-date information.


Nicholas Shick
416-977-6000, Ext. 268
Office: 382

Eric Steenbergen
416-977-6000, Ext. 268
Office: 382