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Fabrication Studio: Mouldmaking


The Mouldmaking Studio (MCA 154) is currently under renovation and is temporarily operating out of Life Modeling Studio (MCA 141) for Winter 2018 term. These renovations will result in upgrade and expansion of Foundry, Mouldmaking, and Ceramics facilities.  They are part of the larger Creative City Campus renovation program. 

The Mouldmaking Studio (Temporary Location of MCA 141) offers students the materials and equipment required for the reproduction of 3D objects; for example, the reproduction of soft clay or plasticine models to harder, more permanent materials, such as plasters, cements, plastics, acrylics and metals. Processes commonly undertaken in the Mouldmaking Studio include:

  • Waste moulds
  • Piece moulds
  • Flexible rubber moulds
  • Life casting
  • Direct modelling of plaster
  • Armature building


The following materials are readily available for students to purchase: 

  • Various plasters, gypsums and cement products
  • Silicones, alginates, latex and rubber mouldmaking materials

See the Buying materials page for purchasing details. 

Facilities and equipment

Marble bench tops, clay slab roller, vacuum pump, triple beam balance scales, electronic scales

Various mouldmaking hand tools are available for use, but students are encouraged to develop their own personal tool kit consisting of chisels, scrapers, modelling tools and measuring tapes.