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ED - ID Model Shop


The ED-ID Model Shop (Room 517) is a prototyping and model-making facility where Environmental and Industrial Design students are able to explore the form and function of their designs. Students create rough conceptual models, working prototypes and presentation models using a variety of tools and techniques.


The following materials are readily available for students to purchase:

  • Blue insulation foam
  • Styrene plastic
  • Acrylic plastic
  • Co-polyester plastic
  • Plywood (poplar, fir, baltic birch)
  • Sheet materials (MDF, masonite, luan)
  • Free sampling of wood scraps

ED-ID Model Shop Materials Price List

For materials purchasing policy, see the Buying Materials page.

Facilities and equipment

Large power tools: Table saw, small milling machine, large horizontal belt sander, large disk sander, drum sander, drill press, three band saws, wood lathe, polishing wheels for plastics, stand-up grinder, hot wire foam cutter, miter saw, router table, scroll saw, compressed air and pneumatic tools (die grinder, orbital sander)  

Additional equipment: Spray booth, vacuum-forming machine, downdraft table dust collector, plastic sheet bender, variety of electric shop tools (hand tools). Room 515 (adjacent to ED-ID Model Shop) can be used by students for assembly and short-term project storage.


Fall studio schedules will be posted shortly. Please direct inquiries to OCAD U Studio Management

Studio schedules are subject to change without notice. Please consult studio doors for the most up-to-date information.


Joel Moffet
Office: 517a

Stefan Tobolka
Office: 517a