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Fabrication Studio: Foundry


The Foundry (Room 152) offers students a facility dedicated to the casting of work in bronze and aluminum utilizing the "lost wax" process. This process involves:

  • Creation of wax originals
  • Construction of gating systems
  • Building ceramic shell and sand moulds
  • Mould preparation and pouring of molten metals
  • Removal of gating system
  • Finishing work on rough cast
  • Patination through chemical processes


The following items are readily available for students to purchase:

  • Various micro-crystalline waxes
  • Ceramic shell moulding material
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum

See the Buying Materials page for purchasing details.

Facilities and equipment

Stationary: Sand blaster, band saw, sanders, grinding wheel, polisher, tig welder, wax melter, drill press

Portable: Angle grinders, drills, pneumatic tools, wax working tools, chisels