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Fabrication Studio: Foundry


The Foundry is temporarily closed for renovations during Winter 2018 term.  These renovations will result in upgrade and expansion of Foundry, Mouldmaking and Ceramics facilities.  They are part of the larger Creative City Campus renovation program.  The Foundry is set to re-open in Fall 2018.

The Foundry (Room 152) offers students a facility dedicated to the casting of work in bronze and aluminum utilizing the "lost wax" process. This process involves:

  • Creation of wax originals
  • Construction of gating systems
  • Building ceramic shell and sand moulds
  • Mould preparation and pouring of molten metals
  • Removal of gating system
  • Finishing work on rough cast
  • Patination through chemical processes


The following items are readily available for students to purchase:

  • Various micro-crystalline waxes
  • Ceramic shell moulding material
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum

See the Buying Materials page for purchasing details.

Facilities and equipment

Stationary: Sand blaster, band saw, sanders, grinding wheel, polisher, tig welder, wax melter, drill press

Portable: Angle grinders, drills, pneumatic tools, wax working tools, chisels


Foundry is closed for renovations during Winter 2018 term. Foundry is set to re-open Fall 2018.  Please check back for schedule updates.


George Farmer

Olenka Kleban