Course materials



The OCAD U Campus Bookstore is a leader in saving students money on their textbooks. We have many innovative and industry leading programs.


Our new textbooks are priced to be competitive with the largest online bookseller in Canada. Also, inquire in store about our Lowest Price Guarantee.


The Campus Bookstore carries a large assortment of used books that are available to purchase at 20% below the price of the new book.


Renting textbooks is the best way to save on your textbooks. The discounts vary depending on the title and for some titles can be very significant. If a rental option is available, it will be noted on the price tag for that title. Once you rent the book, we will email you three reminders to bring it back at the end of the semester. If you decide that you want to keep the book after you have rented it, you can take advantage of our rental buyout option; simply return to the bookstore before the rental due date, pay the difference between the rental and the purchase price and the book is yours to keep. The best part of renting is that you can write notes and highlight in the book.


Students can sell old textbooks back to the bookstore anytime throughout the year. We normally are paying the most for books at the start of each semester. To check whether we are buying your books, visit us in store.


To place your textbook order, please contact us at or by phone (416) 977-6000 x360.

Custom publishing

The store is available to directly service both students and faculty in the publication and distribution of printed curriculum support material such as course packs. Faculty can submit material for course packs directly to the store. Students can pick up and pay for the material at the same location.

Copyright clearance

The store, will provide comprehensive and complete copyright clearance services and would confirm full compliance with all copyright legislation for any material submitted.

Turn around time

OCAD U faculty are recommended to submit material 3 to 4 weeks prior to classes. Re-orders will be processed and in the store within 48 hours.

It is important to note that courseware production cycles can be reduced significantly when submissions include accurate bibliographic information. This streamlines the permissions and royalties procedures (where most delays occur). When course material is submitted which is faculty authored and does not require approvals, turnaround times are decreased dramatically.


A guarantee of production and reproduction quality is provided and a wide range of service is available including color reproduction and digital media. Full clean up of text and images will be provided and access to the existing database of materials will, in many cases, speed up turn around time.