Hazardous Materials Management Plan

OCAD University maintains a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Management Plan. The entire program can be viewed here: Hazardous Materials Management Plan.

View specific sections within the chemical management program:

Workplace Labels and SDS Sheets

The university maintains SDS binders in all areas where hazardous materials are present.

For fillable workplace labels please use the links below or contact Safety & Security Services for printed labels.

Small Workplace Label
Medium Workplace Label
Large Workplace Label

Controls & Precautions — Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Screening procedures for introducing new chemicals to OCAD U
  2. Procedure for Managing SDS and Labels
  3. Procedure for Transporting Chemicals within OCAD U
  4. Procedure for Storing Chemicals
  5. Procedure for Responding to Chemical Emergencies
  6. Safety Procedures for Chemical Users
  7. Chemical Waste Disposal Procedures


OCAD U uses Higher Education Cooperative for Hazardous Materials and Equipment Tracking (HECHMET) to track the use and disposal of hazardous material as well as ensure regulatory compliance and responsible emergency management. Each studio and department has their inventory, which can be viewed using their specific login.


To access WHMIS 2015 training use the link below:


Hazardous Waste Disposal

There is a schedule for disposal of hazardous waste from our studios. Should there be an emergency where you require immediate waste disposal outside of the set schedule, please contact:

Katherine Browning
Environmental Healthy & Safety Advisor
416-977-6000, Ext. 615

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