Bicycle Registration Program

The Bicycle Registration Program offers students, staff, and faculty the ability to register their bicycle with Campus Security and the Toronto Police Service.

Campus Security will save the registered information and pictures of the bicycle in a secured database.
In the event that the bicycle is stolen, the bicycle owner can attend Security Control in the main lobby of 100 McCaul, where Campus Security will create a theft report and provide the bicycle owner with a Registered Bicycle Information Report.

If the bicycle is stolen the bicycle owner should present this report to the Toronto Police Service, which will provide all relevant information that a Police Constable will need to successfully complete a police occurrence report.

The likeliness of a stolen bicycle being recovered and returned is increased if a bicycle is properly registered and the registered information is available to the bicycle owner.


  • Register your bicycle with the Toronto Police Service (online or paper registration form) available at any Toronto Police Division or Security Control in the main lobby of 100 McCaul St.,
  • Take pictures of your bicycle and record the serial number,
  • Lock your bicycle and both wheels to an immovable object which cannot be easily cut or broken,
  • Use two good quality bicycle locks (hardened steel locks are suggested), one lock around the frame and one lock around the wheels.

Campus Security cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen bicycles while on campus.

To register your bicycle, please contact a Campus Security Supervisor at or attend our next Bicycle Registration session.

Bicycles are prohibited to be stored inside any building on campus. Bicycles used for projects or installations must have an approved Temporary Installation of Student Art Work Permit attached to the bicycle while inside the designated space. Any bicycle found to be abandoned on campus property including bicycle parking racks outside or bicycles found inside any building will be removed and disposed of at the owners expense.

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