OCAD U's administrative policies, which fall under the auspices of Safety and Security Services, include:

Health and Safety Policy

This policy is mandated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and outlines OCAD U’s commitment to health and safety, and legislative compliance. It is updated yearly and approved by the Board of Governors.

Fire and Flame Policy

As per this policy, no one is allowed to incorporate fire or flame into their artwork without obtaining a written Fire and Flame Permit. This includes candles. Smoke generators, foggers or any other smoke producing equipment are strictly prohibited.

Temporary Installation of Student Art Work

This policy is intended to facilitate the safe exhibition of artwork and applies to student artwork displayed or installed in OCAD U public spaces, or installed in a classroom where any alternations and/or modifications could cause damage to physical components of the room.

GradEx Installation Guidelines

Poster Policy

Events and Beverage Service Policy

Video Surveillance Camera Policy

Violent or Threatening Behaviour Policy

Weapons on Campus Policy

Locker Rental Agreement

Inclement Weather Policy


Shops and Studios Safety Program

To all administrative polices, please see OCAD U's Administrative Policies


Work Refusal Procedures

This procedure outlines the process for work refusals, identifies the parties involved and the responsibilities and steps to take by each party in the event of a work refusal.

Reporting and Resolving Health and Safety Concerns

This procedure will provide direction on how to report health & safety concerns that affect you and your co-workers.

Scent Sensitivity Procedure

These procedures are intended to raise awareness of the effects of scented products on some individuals as well as to provide best practices for the management of scent-related complaints and concerns.

Critical Injury Procedures

The procedures within this policy are mandated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Contractor Health and Safety Procedure

This procedure outlines the Contractor Clearance Process and identifies the responsibilities and requirements of all Contractors who come on OCAD U premises.