Guiding principles

Project Chroma is guided by the following principles:

  • Students, faculty and staff should have easy, well supported electronic access to the data and information necessary to perform and manage their business
  • Self-service capabilities for students, faculty and staff will be maximized
  • The University will develop common business and student processes and data, while still supporting the truly unique needs of its academic and administrative units
  • Data and information will be treated as secure, strategic assets that are: commonly defined; electronically captured once at point of origin; and appropriately shared across the entire institution
  • Project participants are responsible for making this project a high priority and committing to project deadlines
  • The development and renewal of administrative systems shall be grounded in the University’s mission and goals
  • Provincial and Federal legislative compliance and reporting, including accessibility, shall be met and/or maintained within the new solution structure
  • Whenever possible OCAD U business process will be altered to adhere to baseline functionality in the new ERP solution. Customizations and/or modifications must be avoided. The Steering Committee will explicitly approve all such changes.