Employment Equity Sub-Committee

The Employment Equity Sub-Committee (EESC) is an on-going advisory team that is mandated by the Employment and Educational Equity Committee (EEEC) to do the following:

  1. Identify and propose ways to eliminate barriers in OCAD U's employment procedures and policies.
  2. Establish policies and practices to ensure that the effects of systemic barriers are eliminated.
  3. Ensure appropriate representation of designated as well as additional underrepresented group members in OCAD U's workforce.

In order to carry out this mandate the advisory group will:

  • Establish best practices through research
  • Develop an annual work plan and present it to the EEEC
  • Develop an OCAD U Employment Equity Policy
  • Develop and oversee an Employment Equity survey
  • Develop and oversee an Employment Equity Plan
  • Develop an annual Employment Equity Report and evaluate its progress
  • Communicate equity responsibilities to the University community
  • Prepare OCAD U for compliance and an audit

Please click here for the Employment Equity sub-Committee Terms of Reference.