Accessible Documents

How to create accessible PowerPoint documents

  1. Go to the ADOD website.
  2. Under “Authoring Techniques for Accessible Office Documents” scroll down to Presentation Applications: Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. Open the document and review the “Techniques” list.
  4. Each technique is described, and shown in detail in the guide.

Text and Image Guidelines:

  • Make text and visuals on the slides big enough to be read from the back of the room. A font size of 24 point or larger is commonly recommended.
  • Limit the amount of text on any given slide.
  • Use an easy-to-read font. Simple fonts with consistent thickness are often easier to read from a distance (Arial is OCAD U’s recommended web font).
  • Avoid extensive use of All-Caps, italic, and bold text.
  • Use sufficient color contrast for text and image to be legible. Colour contrast guidelines and evaluation tools such as  Colour Contrast Analyser or WebAIM Color Contrast Checker might be helpful.
  • When presenting in a bright room, consider using dark text on a light background. When presenting in a dark room, consider light text on a dark background, with additional font weight.
  • Caption audio or video files used in your presentation
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