Wireless and web services

Format ePortfolios
Format provides OCAD U students, faculty and recent grads with free portfolio websites.

The internet tubes, to your computer, through the air.

All faculty and students have access to their own OCAD U hosted Wordpress blog for academic discourse. To make a request for a group blog, go here or contact the Help Desk for more information.

Canvas is our online learning management system at OCAD U: it allows faculty to post course outlines, assignments, engage in discussions and create an exciting learning environment for students. Learn about Canvas on our Canvas Help Centre or log in to Canvas.

Zoom is an enterprise web conferencing solution for online meetings, eLearning, and webinars used by leading corporations and government agencies. Learn more

The Student and Faculty Email systems are the official methods of communication on campus at OCAD U. Learn more.

Linkedin Learning (formerly Lynda.com)
Linkedin Learning (formerly Lynda.com) is a rich online resource of software instruction available to all OCAD U staff and students, There are over 100 different titles including the Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, Final Cut Studio and InDesign. Learn more

Doing a bit of HTML/CSS that you need to SFTP up to a server to view? Every faculty and student has a webspace. Get started now.

IT Services maintains a MediaWiki server for academic and administrative use.

If you require any assistance or more information about the above services please visit the Help Desk at 100 McCaul. 

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