Open Clusters and Library Computers

IT Services provides access to desktop computing outside of the computer studios with clusters of computers in open areas and in the Dorothy H. Hoover Library.

How to Request This Service

Computing clusters are available in the following locations:

  • 100 McCaul St. third floor hallway north of the AV Help Desk
  • 100 McCaul St. 5th and 6th floor open studios
  • 100 McCaul St. 4th floor outside of the photo area
  • 113 McCaul St. 1st floor Learning Zone
  • 113 McCaul St. 2nd floor Dorothy H. Hoover Library
  • Charge

    Users who are enrolled in classes or currently employed are able to login to the computers.


    Students, Staff and Faculty


    Campus operating hours


    IT Services Help Desk
    100 McCaul St. Room MCA 341
    T 416.977.6000 x444


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