Video conferencing facility

Location:  Room 287, 100 McCaul Street
This room is designated for standards based H.323 video conferencing and small presentations.

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing allows one-to-one or one-to-many (multipoint) video calls to other equipped sites. Our equipment can support calls to up to 3 additional sites. Most academic institutions have video conferencing capabilities as do many large companies. Third party service providers can provide hourly rental of facilities in most urban centres. Participants must have H.323 video conference hardware and at least a DSL internet connection. Calls can be recorded to DVD-R.

More Useful Information On Video Conferencing


Tandberg Edge 95 HD Videoconferencing unit with Precision HD Camera
Two microphones
Two pan-tilt cameras,
Three 50” Plasma Displays 
Two studio monitor speakers
DVD Playback
Mac Mini wireless keyboard and mouse (with Microsoft Office 2011 and Adobe Creative Suite CS5) 


Please be aware due to the technology in the room, furniture cannot be rearranged.
We ask that you do not consume food in to this room, and as always, clean up after yourself.  

How to book the room?

All bookings should be done through Room Booking portal or via email