Campus living

We recognize that it is it is not always easy to adjust to a new campus, city and country and are here to support you all along the way. Campus Life is all about what you, as students, make it! We work hard to enhance student experiences and the overall quality of campus life by continuously developing programs and activities that engage all students.

To assist you in making a successful transition to university life, you may want to review the Student Reality Check Booklet.

Welcome and orientation

OCAD and the International Student Services Office offers welcome activities as well as orientation sessions for newly-arriving undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students as well as incoming exchange students. Fall Orientation takes place each September before classes begin with a range of information sessions, campus and city tours and social outings offered to all new students. We also offer a condensed orientation for incoming exchange students in January of each year.

Getting involved

Below are some ways in which international students can get involved at OCAD.

International Students' Group

The International Students’ Group meets monthly to discuss topics and/or challenges of common interest, coordinate guest speakers, plan social events, study groups, and gallery visits. The group exists to enhance the life of international students and all students who wish to internationalize their OCAD experience. Email the ISSO for more information.

Student Peer Mentor Program

This Campus Life transition program owes its success to the many enthusiastic upper-year students—some of which are international students themselves—who get involved and volunteer their time. Peer Mentors assist new and first-year students coming to OCAD.

New for 2009! International students can request an international peer mentor by signing up for the Student Mentor Program.

Student Volunteer Program

This program offers all students the chance to participate in a long-standing tradition at OCAD: volunteer to help out with university events and activities. Your university experience will be enhanced by increased interaction with other students, faculty and staff through the Student Volunteer Program.


OCADSU is the recognized representative of the student body and serves as the liaison to OCAD administration and faculty, other universities and colleges, all levels of government, and the Canadian Federation of Students. OCADSU is responsible for ensuring the proper representation and advocacy of the OCAD student body at large, including international students through the "International Rep" position.

Housing services

Although the Ontario College of Art & Design does not offer a housing service, we do provide housing information
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