Labour Relations FAQ

Please find a list of frequently asked questions (below) about Labour Relations at OCAD University. Please remember that the Collective Agreement and Memorandum of Agreement govern the employment relationship of the related employee group and OCAD U, and should be your point of reference for specific questions.

Q)  What mechanism is in place for regular communication between OCAD U and the Union and Faculty Association?

A)  OCAD U has established committees to promote effective communications and cultivate positive labour relations between the University and its Faculty Association and Union.

The Joint Committee consists of three members from OCADFA, including the Chair of its negotiating team and three members from OCAD U that includes the Chair of its negotiating team and the Director, Human Resources. The remaining members are elected or appointed by OCADFA and OCAD U respectively.

The Labour-Management Committee consists of three members from OPSEU, including the President of the Union Local and three members from OCAD U management that includes the Director, Human Resources. The other members are appointed or elected by OPSEU Local 576 and OCAD U respectively.

Q)  Who is my steward/representative?

A)  The names of union stewards/representatives are often listed on the Union or Faculty Association website. You may also access this information by contacting your Union or Faculty Association directly, or by asking your Human Resources Advisor.

Q)  Am I required to pay Union/Faculty Association Dues?

A)  The regular deduction of Union/Faculty Association dues is a condition of employment for those employees represented by a Union/Faculty Association at OCAD U. Dues are deducted from each pay and the amount deducted is reflected on your T4 slip each year. Inquiries related to these deductions should be directed to the HRIS/Payroll Dept.

Q)  Who should I speak with if I need assistance interpreting the Collective Agreement or Memorandum of Agreement?

A)  You may go to your supervisor, the HR office or your Union/Faculty Association representative. Normally, in cases where there is a difference of opinion in the interpretation of the Agreement, Human Resources will discuss the matter with the Union/Faculty Association.

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