Labour Relations

OCAD University is dedicated to fostering positive, productive working relationships with its employees and the Association and Union that represent them. On this page you will find Collective Agreements and Memorandum of Agreement, progress reports on negotiations, information about labour relations initiatives, and answers to your frequently asked questions about labour relations at OCAD U.

The following OCAD U Labour Agreements can be viewed or printed as PDF files.

OCAD Faculty Association (OCADFA)

OCADFA represents faculty with the following appointments: Tenured, Probationary, Continuing, CLTA, Teaching-Intensive Stream and Sessional. Academic Staff such as Technicians, Academic Counsellors and Teaching Assistants are also represented by OCADFA

Memorandum of Agreement 2016-2020 (PDF)

Memorandum of Agreement 2013-2016 (PDF)

Other OCADFA Labour Agreements

Memorandum of Settlement 2016-2020 (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding: Performance Review Process 2018-19 (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding: Sessional Hiring Committee Composition 2018-19 (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding: Open Call for Indigenous Applicants for 5 Tenure-Track Appointments (PDF)

Voluntary Retirement Incentive Plan Permanent Technicians March 2016 (PDF)

MOU Voluntary Retirement Incentive Plan 2014-2015 (PDF)

Letters of Understanding (PDF)

Intellectual Property Policy (PDF)

MOU Voluntary Retirement Incentive Plan (PDF)

MOU Graduate Student Supervision (PDF)

Arbitration Award (PDF)

Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 576, Unit 1

OPSEU Local 576 Unit 1 represents full-time and part-time Administrative Staff (except support staff that are exempt on the basis of confidentiality) and Professional Librarians

Unit 1 Collective Agreement 

OPSEU Unit 1 Collective Agreement 2014-2017 (PDF)

Other OPSEU Local 576, Unit 1 Labour Agreements




Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 576, Unit 2

OPSEU Local 576 Unit 2 represents Models, Monitors and Class Assistants

Unit 2 Collective Agreement

OPSEU Unit 2 Collective Agreement 2011-2014 (PDF)

OPSEU Unit 2 Collective Agreement 2014-2018 (PDF)

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